Residential Underfloor Heating

Residential Underfloor Heating Portsmouth

Heated floors are the perfect way to improve your South East England home or apartment. Learn about the floor heating systems we have to offer.

Get Comfy With Underfloor Heating

Do you – like most people in South East England – have rooms in your home that aren’t fully carpeted? If so, you know just how unpleasant walking on cold floors can be in the morning. But did you know there’s a way to avoid finding yourself in this situation ever again? Underfloor heating systems can keep your floors warm, all while providing a wide range of other benefits.

Since the process of installing heated floors can get complicated, it’s not the sort of thing you’d want to do on your own. Instead, call the team at Portsmouth Underfloor Heating for this job!

The Benefits of Working With Us

Instead of going the DIY route or trying to save money by going with a less qualified contractor, get your underfloor heating project off to a good start by working with Portsmouth Underfloor Heating. Our company is the region’s best choice for installing and maintaining these systems.

  • Just like you’d expect from our name, Portsmouth Underfloor Heating is owned and operated in South East England. Since we’re nearby, we can respond to requests for service before you know it!
  • Even if you’re concerned about your heated floors cost, it’s not a good idea to cut corners. Our company can install high-quality underfloor heating systems at a great price.
  • When installing heated tile floors, the workers at Portsmouth Underfloor Heating pay close attention to detail. After all, we care deeply about customer satisfaction!

Find The Right Underfloor Heating System For You

There are two major underfloor heating system types you’ll need to choose from before we can install underfloor heating for you. In this section, we’ve put together some information on these heated floor systems:

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

These underfloor heating systems are also called “wet underfloor heating” or “polypipe underfloor heating” systems. The latter name comes from the small plastic pipes installed on your subfloor as part of this system. When your system is activated, warm water comes straight from your central heating system and flows through these pipes.

If you have large rooms to heat, warm water underfloor heating is a great choice – these systems are highly cost-effective to run. The only catch is that the upfront installation cost can be higher than electric underfloor heating. Still, we can help you get a low rate for these systems.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Meanwhile, electric floor heating systems use a different method entirely to heat floors. These systems are made up of heating cables or mesh/foil mats installed under your floor and connected to your thermostat.

Electric floor heating systems are cheap to install, so it’s a good idea to go with these systems if you’re trying to save on upfront costs. On the other hand, they’re more expensive to operate than warm water underfloor heating systems.

No matter what underfloor heating system you prefer for your heated tile floors, Portsmouth Underfloor Heating can install it for you. And if you haven’t decided between these two options, we can give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision! Either way, you’ll get a low underfloor heating cost for our work.

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