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Commercial Underfloor Heating Portsmouth

Heated floor systems: they’re not just for homes anymore! Here’s what you need to know about underfloor heating and how it can help your business out.

Are Heated Tile Floors Right For Your Office?

It’s safe to say you don’t usually walk around your office – or any other commercial facility – with bare feet. Because of that, it may seem like underfloor heating isn’t something your building needs. However, you’d be mistaken! Beyond the comfort they offer in residential settings, these floors provide a highly efficient alternative to traditional heating, and they can help you save space, to boot.

Whether you’ve considered upgrading to heated floors for years or you’ve just heard about their benefits, the local choice for this work couldn’t be more apparent. In South East England, Portsmouth Underfloor Heating is the go-to contractor for underfloor heating systems!

The Reasons To Choose Portsmouth Underfloor Heating

In today’s market, underfloor heating companies are a dime a dozen. That said, not all companies in this industry are equal. You’ll get the best results by hiring a qualified, respected business like Portsmouth Underfloor Heating.

  • Is your company based in Portsmouth? Good news: so is ours! Because of that, we can provide time-sensitive underfloor heating system installation and maintenance services.
  • When you’re managing a business, it all comes down to the bottom line. Save on heated floors costs by choosing our company – we offer the best rates in this region on heated tile floors.
  • The team at Portsmouth Underfloor Heating cares about offering professional results. Thanks to our attention to detail, we can put in floors that meet your high standards.

Electric vs. Wet Underfloor Heating

When you’re getting an underfloor heating system installed, there are two main varieties you’ll need to choose from. Read on to learn about both of the systems commonly used to heat floors.

Warm Water Underfloor Heating

These systems, AKA “wet underfloor heating” or “polypipe underfloor heating” systems, are built on small plastic pipes that we install on your subfloor. When heating is needed, warm water from your business’ central heating system travels through these pipes.

Since warm water underfloor heating systems are inexpensive to operate, they’re great for companies that need to heat large interior spaces. Although they can be more expensive to install than electric underfloor heating, our team can help you save money upfront.

Electric Underfloor Heating

The other prominent name in underfloor heating, electric floor heating systems are based on heating cables or mesh/foil mats. We can install these cables or mats under your floor and connect them directly to your thermostat.

For jobs with a tight budget, electric floor heating systems can be a good choice – they’re less expensive to install than warm water heating systems. However, they can be more costly to run.

Whether you prefer wet or electric underfloor heating, Portsmouth Underfloor Heating looks forward to installing heated floor systems for your company. We’ll offer a low underfloor heating cost for our work, and we can provide advice on which heating system type would best suit your needs.

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